Low Entry Cost, Rent or Sell, or Start Your Own Business Easily

All valued business owners are eligible to four years of dedicated support from the O2O Limited team.


  • Strategic location
  • High appreciation potential
  • Experienced and professional management team
  • Low entry cost, starting from RM350,000
  • Freehold


  • Intensive online marketing training (E.g. Facebook and WeChat)
  • Access to our network of producers and wholesalers in China
  • Low rental cost, starting from RM2,000
  • Access to professional logistics solutions

Our One-stop Assistance Services

Market research field trips

  • Chow Kit Baru clients and tenants will have the opportunity to join us on trips to Yiwu wholesale market in China to learn about the wholesale industry and forge ties. This will significantly save our clients and tenants time and cost.

Loan assistance

  • To help ease the cost of entering the wholesale business, Chow Kit Baru tenants and clients in need of financial assistance with O2O Limited network of bankers, who can facilitate personal, business or property loans.

Online sales and marketing training

  • We envision mutual development and collaborative efforts to be the heart of Chow Kit Baru. We will hold our clients by the hand during our exclusive training sessions that will help them connect with producers and consumers through the latest sales and marketing strategies, leveraging on social media (e.g. Facebook, WeChat and much more). Our training sessions will give budding wholesalers the confidence and the skills necessary to participate and flourish in this exciting industry.